Friday, September 2, 2011

Soccer Riots

It's been a while since I've done this one, but here's a post for yesterday's Thursday Tales picture prompt. This week's story is centered around a soccer match. Hope you guys enjoy!

Image by deviantart's londonladiie
Youth soccer players from all over the world had gathered in London, England to watch a match between two of the worlds best teams: Real Madrid vs. Brazil. Fans packed the stadium. The referee blew the whistle and the game commenced. At first each team played a good defense, but near half-time, one of the teams began to show a better offense. The ball was kicked and the announcers screamed, "Goal!"

Near the end of the match, the audience began to leave. A score of 5-2 will do that to an audience. They didn't need to stay to know who would win. The audience began to poor out, but where did all the people go? They probably went off to riot. That's what people do in London nowadays, right? And they rioted at a magnificent level. Much greater than the great London riots. Why was it so great? These were super fans. They didn't care. They were just there to cheer on their teams, but now that the game had basically finished, they were tired of cheering and ready to cause some damage in order to show their disgust of such an unfair match. They wanted to show their unrest.

Londoners thought this would be their best chance to join the riots to show their unrest as well, however, the riot caused by the fans was quickly subdued. They couldn't party and riot all night. The youth tournament began the next morning. This left Londoners feeling ashamed.

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  1. I suppose sports can sometimes bring out the hostile side...especially when your team loses. Nice story!