Monday, July 30, 2012

Soldiers, Squids, and Scientists

Check it out. It looks like I'm still more or less on some sort of schedule, though I am posting this a little later than most of the other more recent posts. But hey, it's up and you'll even get a fun little post for tomorrow. Anyways, pretty good stories for today. You'll be getting "A Soldier's Son" by Steve Coate, "The Sweet Spot" by A. M. Dellamonica, and "Warning from the Stars" by Ron Cocking. So, without anymore yammering on, here are this week's stories. 

A Soldier's Son by Steve Coate -- Ray Gun Revival

Having joined the armed forces to prove to his father that he could make a good soldier, Private Thomas Blanks is the sole survivor of his unit and uses lessons from his father as inspiration to fight on for his survival.

The Sweet Spot by A.M. Dellamonica -- Lightspeed Magazine

The world is at war, and Hawaii just happens to be a perfect spot for the Demos to get some ouch needed rest and relaxation. Vendors like Ruthie and her brother Matt try to sell the Demos, both human and offworlders, all sorts of merchandise they can get their hands on. But the Fiends, the enemy to the Demos, in the use of guerilla tactics, have infiltrated Hawaii, and Ruthie and Matt are at the epicenter of their plan to turn their the Demos to dust.

Warning from the Stars by Ron Cocking -- Amazing Science Fiction Stories, April 1959

Doctor Richard Forster receives a package from a friend who had gone missing. The message he receives can only be read in a pressurized chamber. Lucky for him, his job as a doctor of aeronautical medicine gives him easy access to one. But Forster can't believe what he sees in there. He can't accept that his friend wrote this message. However, when the things foretold in the message begin to happen, he goes out to warn others.

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