Monday, July 23, 2012

Masks, Holograms, and a Dog from Mars

Still on schedule, more or less. And this week, I have for you some good stories. There's a couple that deal with aesthetics (or just covering them up...) and one with a Martian dog. The stories are "Real Faces" by Ken Liu, "The Switch" by Sarah Stanton, and "Martians Never Die" by Lucius Daniel.

"Real Faces" by Ken Liu -- Fantasy and Science Fiction
One fear of the future is that we will come to try to mask race and gender in the name of equality instead of embracing it for how it adds character and depth to each individual. This story takes a look at how such a world may some day work.

The Switch by Sarah Stanton -- Clarkesworld Magazine
Beijing is a city currently covered in smog. In this story, Sarah Stanton imagines the city covered in all sorts of holograms. But it's all looks. And some of the citizens are beginning to miss the old way it looked.

Martians Never Die by Lucius Daniel -- Galaxy Science Fiction, April 1952
Lawyer, Al Stern, grudgingly awaits the return of his client. His client, Clyde Curtis, has been away to Mars for nearly a year. During that time, Stern was able to get close to Curtis' wife. They even had plans of eloping. But Curtis' return changes that. It changes everything. What changes it the most is the little Martian, dog-like creature that Curtis has brought back with him.

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