Monday, August 27, 2012

Clones, Cyberarms, and Factors of War

Here's the post I should have posted last Monday. Look for the two posts that I should post this week tomorrow. Stories for last week include "Flash Bang Remember" by Tina Connolly and Caroline M. Yoachim, "Neither Big Nor Easy" by Michael S. Roberts, and "The K-Factor" by Harry Harrison. Let me move out of your way. Here are the links to these awesome stories.

Flash Bang Remember by Tina Connolly and Coraline M. Yoachim -- Lightspeed Magazine
This story is set in a future where clones come out of the tubes at the age of 17. In order to make sure they have the maturity of 17 year olds, this future society uses the memories of kids who were actually able to grow up. However, the community tries to rear the children in a certain way, just to insure that they have the special memories that they require. However, the protagonist of this story is sort of a rebel. She believes her memory is special to her. It belongs to her alone, not the community.

Neither Big Nor Easy by Michael S. Roberts -- Ray Gun Revival
Here's an entertaining story. It involves cyberarms, cybernetic eyes, and coil guns. Don't worry. There's also some martial arts and a beautiful babe who's trying to do an innocent little interview. Overall, this story is just about as action as action gets.

The K-Factor by Harry Harrison -- Analog, December 1960
Unlike the previous story, this classic is less action and more talk. That's okay though. It was interesting enough to keep me reading. This story revolves around the future study of Societics, a combination of most human studies, including politics, economics, sociology, psychology and more. With Societics, the major focus is the K-Factor. If it gets too low, a society will begin a cycle of dwindling down to nothing; if too high, a society will erupt in war. And the society on the planet Himmel is now verging on war.

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