Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Poetry] My Backyard Has Changed

A few days ago, I saw this prompt over at Sunday Scribblings and decided that I should finally jump in. At first, I was thinking about doing a short piece of fiction, but the muse changed. I started thinking about my personal life and the multiple backyards I had through my childhood. What came up on the screen just seemed to pour out. Not true poetry with rhyming couplets or anything. Just a little heartfelt piece. Well, anyways, enough of me blabbering. Here it is for your enjoyment.

In my youth, the backyard was an awe inspiring place.
Swinging up and around the swing-set 
was attempted everyday.
There was a treehouse where 
I would have adventures into outer space.
The sandbox was the best. 
In there I could sit, dig, and play.

But the backyard began to change the older I grew.
The treehouse got replaced with concrete,
a spot for shooting hoops. Before that, even, 
the sandbox just disappeared.
All that remained for years and years
was the swing-set, made of wood, 
getting older and older.

These days I no longer play out back.
I'm too busy with working and living.
The green blades of grass have even been replaced
with desire for green paper we all call money.
But today I'm going to change that.
I miss the creativity from my youth.
I shall go outside and embrace the sunny day!


  1. Good to see you on Sunday Scribblings..the idea of back yard does change with age..we have the whole world to explore..if we're brave enough..great write..Jae

  2. Isn't it amazing how poetry can change our viewpoint? Love how you ended this and I hope you really followed through!

  3. Several were prompted to write of memories of childhood. Interesting how "backyard" inspires those to come to the surface. Nice peek into your past.


  4. Thanks all for the comments! It's true, things really do change as time progresses. But I hope to channel my youth again and start seeing things through those fresh eyes.

    @Linda, and yes, I did manage to get out there. Except it was more like mowing the lawn for a good portion of the day. Oh well. We need to enjoy it every time we get the chance.