Monday, May 23, 2011

The Henchman

Starting something new. I found a cool blog that goes by the name Thursday Tales. It isn't the same as io9's #thursdaytales, but that's okay. For the blog though, a picture is posted as a prompt. I find that very interesting. So, below, you will find the picture/prompt and the story.

Before I go on though, let me do a little linkage to Thursday Tales, just in case I haven't already done it enough. Overkill's okay, right?

Make sure you check it out. It's pretty interesting. Post your own stories and become acquainted with other writers.

I'll leave you with that then. Happy readings and writings to all you happen upon my little story here!

Image by ~hidlight at DeviantArt.
Paul walked up the stairs. He lit his cigarette. He had some time to kill. The kid wouldn't be there for another ten minutes.

When he heard footsteps he got ready, threw down his cigarette, grabbed the kids shirt and shoved him against the wall.

"hey, I hears you gots something my boss wants."

"What? I ain't got nothin'. Whatever whoever told you I gots is lyin'."

"You sure about that? I ain't too sure. This source has been very cooperative over the last couple weeks. Why would he go all of a sudden and  lie to me like that. I thinks it's you who's lyin'. Now fess up. Tell me where it is."

"Where's what?"

"You know damn well what. You know what you stole from my boss."

"Sir, I didn't steal nothin'. Honest."

"Yeah sure, and I'm the king of England. Now tell me where I can find it before I nee to start dissecting you up like a little froggy." He pulled out his knife and made dissect like gestures in the air, just to scare the kid a little. "Oh boy, I never got to dissect anything in school. I think you might get to be the first"

"Ok, ok, it's in the old warehouse on 27th street. I'll take you there. It's buried under a couple old bod boxes. I'll have to show you where it is."

The kid had almost wet his pants. Paul was happy about that. He hated pants-wetters. Horrible type. But the fact that this kid was on the verge of it almost brought a smile to Paul's face. Almost.

The kid led Paul to the old, dilapidating building. The roof a had already fallen in here and there. Paul followed the kid through a back doorway.

"Kid, what are you kids doin' here anyways?"

"It's a good hideout, you know, from whoever's looking for us. Parents, cops, bullies, you name it and they never find us here."

"If I hadn'ts known better I would have check here first. Be more careful abouts that. They always knows where you are kid. Always. And just because they always let you alone here, doesn't mean that someday they won't come and get you when you're least expecting'. Come on kid. You gots to be more careful abouts that. Fight back. That's how you get them to leave you alone. Now, get me my boss' thing and I'll be on my way."

"Ok sir, it's right over here. You see those boxes?" The kid pointed towards a large pyramid of old industrial boxes. "Right under them. Let me go and get it. I know exactly where it is."

The kid lifted a few boxes, felt around a little bit, and got a worried look on his face. He came back empty-handed.

"Nothing. Someone must've taken took it."

"Who else knew it was here?"



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