Friday, February 10, 2012

Kirks, Knives, and War

It looks like it's already Friday again, and as usual, I'm a little late in getting this posted. However, it's getting posted and that's better than nothing, right?  This week's stories include War 3.01 by Keith Brook, All the Young Kirks and Their Good Intentions by Helena Bell, and Edge of the Knife by H. Beam Piper. I've even got links for all of them. They're all very good, so be sure to take some time and enjoy them over the weekend.

War 3.01 by Keith Brooke -- Lightspeed Magazine
In this story set in the not-so-distant future, author Keith Brooke speculates that battles will be fought differently. No longer will they be fought violently and to the death, but rather aggressively and through our social media. It's a scary (in the sense that it could happen), yet down-to-earth story.

All the Young Kirks and Their Good Intentions by Helena Bell -- Clarkesworld Magazine
Although much of a homage to the original Star Trek series, this story by Helena Bell stands well on its own. It follows a group of children growing up in the star academy in Riverside, Iowa. Each of them has his or her own problem, yet they are interconnected.

The Edge of the Knife by H. Beam Piper -- Amazing Stories
The classic story I have for this week was pretty fun. Imagine a history professor who can "remember" the future as well as he can recall events from the past. That's exactly what happens in this story. And Professor Chalmer gets stuck in the middle of a large fiasco because of his ability. It's a little longer, but it's well worth the read.

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