Friday, May 25, 2012

Moon Chess, Mothers, and a Misplaced Battleship

Welcome back for another Friday. Are you ready to receive a couple of stories for the weekend? Hope you are because you're getting them anyways. The first story is "All the Things the Moon Is Not" by Alexander Lumans. This week's story from an anthology is "Evidence in a Case of Abandonment: One Daughter's Personal Account" by M. Rickert. Lastly, the story from the past is "The Misplaced Battleship" by Harry Harrison. The stories this week are not quite as action-packed as the stories I usually pick, but they are just as good, if not better in their own rights. So, take a break and relax. It's the weekend. You might as well enjoy it.

All the Things the Moon Is Not by Alexander Lumans -- Clarkesworld Magazine
Stationed on the moon to harvest Dreammold!, Murph feels more at home playing chess against a Russian mold pirate than with his own crew. This is just a fun little story about a day in the life of your average moon mold harvester. Well, maybe not so quite.

Evidence in a Case of Abandonment: One Daughter's Personal Account by M. Rickert -- Brave New Worlds (anthology)
This dystopian story draws its inspiration from the fundamentalist takeover of Iran in 1979. Rickert, seeing how women had more rights in Iran before 1979, wondered what it would be like if something similar would happen in the United States. In this story, we follow the daughter of a missing mother.

The Misplaced Battleship by Harry Harrison -- Astounding Science Fiction April 1960
After finding plans to build a spacecraft with blueprints too similar to a class of battleships that had been de-commisioned years ago, Jim diGriz is sent to a backwater world to see if the plans truly are for a battleship. When he arrives, the spacecraft is already gone, far ahead of schedule. Someone has found plans and has stolen a battleship. It's now diGriz's responsibility to find and retrieve it.

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