Saturday, June 2, 2012

Get Your Hands Off Me, You Damn, Dirty Ape!

You want to know what that idea I had to save for a rainy day? Well, here it is. A couple of weeks ago, I watched Planet of the Apes. Not the newer version with Mark Wahlberg. No, the original movie. The one starring Charlton Heston. Now, I'll grant that the movie is a little dated with its sets and dialogue, but otherwise it's a great movie.

I usually don't like to watch older movies. I don't know exactly what causes me to think like this. Perhaps it's the younger version of myself coming out and wanting the newer and better stuff. But lately, I've been trying to acquaint myself with older science fiction (hence the whole reason why I've been reading at least one story from over fifty years ago each week). And watching Planet of the Apes had been on that list for some time.

Now, I haven't watched the remake in quite a while now, but from what I remember from it, it's more different from the original than similar. One of the really neat things from the original is that it plays with the science/religion divide. The human, coming from a futuristic Earth, reasons with science. Some of the apes are starting to do so as well. However, many of the apes are still ruled by religion. Doctor Zaius, knowing the truth that apes rose after the humans, even goes so far as to cover up the truth in the name of his religion. I didn't really catch that in the remake.

Another thing that I thought was funny was that the apes in the remake were afraid of water. This is something I know I remember. I was waiting for them to say something like that in the old movie, but it never happened. I guess this is one of those reasons you want to watch original movies sometimes. You know, because you'll get a kick out of it.

Wow, I thought I'd have more than that now, but I can't think of more to say. Well, time for me to check out and get back to reading more stories and watching more movies so that I can keep reporting back here next week. Come back and check out what it is.

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