Friday, June 1, 2012

Accountants, a Captain, Some Superheroes, and the Great Nothing Beyond

Hey everyone. Getting on here late as usual again. Let's see. It looks like I've managed to scrounge up four stories for you this week. Yes, you read that correctly. Four stories. Why the extra one? Well, it's the first of June and I've only just receive a couple of new magazine issues on my Kindle. Let's use up the rest of May if we can first. Next week I'll start to get you your stories from June. There will be three of them again. So don't get used to having four. I'm only spoiling you today. (This is where I would use an emoticon of a smiley face sticking out its tongue.)

Your four stories this week are "The Cross-Time Accountants Fail to Kill Hitler Because Chuck Berry Does the Twist" by C. C. Finlay, "Captain Quasar and the So-Called Emperor of the Universe" by Milo James Fowler, "The Non-Event" by Mike Carey, and "The Nothing Equation" by Tom Godwin. I could probably go on chit-chatting, but let's move on

The Cross-Time Accountants Fail to Kill Hitler Because Chuck Berry Does the Twist by C. C. Finlay -- Lightspeed Magazine
In the future, there will be people who go back in time to recover certain valuable artifacts. That will be the job of cross-time accountants. In this story, one such accountant goes rogue, only so she could go to a concert. The company somehow finds out, so they send another accountant after her because they have a job for her. Once a cross-time accountant, I guess, always a cross-time accountant. Read this story to see if the main character agrees.

Captain Quasar and the So-Called Emperor of the Universe by Milo James Fowler -- Ray Gun Revival
I just realized that this story is more like the second in the series. If you want to read the first "part", here's Captain Quasar and the Insurmountable Barrier of Space Junk, all the way back from September 2011. Though quite campy, I think the thing that this story pulls off best is the nostalgia that it brings to the reader. There will be parts that you get bored, but there will be other parts where you find yourself laughing. Anyways, please enjoy.

The Non-Event by Mike Carey -- Masked (anthology edited by Lou Anders)
This stories contains quite a few elements I like in most stories: superheroes, super-villains, and a bank heist. I also like how this story starts out. The main character has been taken into custody and is telling the story to an authoritative figure. He's a villain, and also one of the minds behind the heist idea.

The Nothing Equation by Tom Godwin -- Amazing Stories, December 1957
Scientists and engineers have developed a small bubble for taking observations just outside of the galaxy. The bubble, being as small as it is, can hold only run observer at a time. It's an awfully lonely job. It's also why many thing that the first observer committed suicide and the second observer went crazy. But why? Why do these rational men just lose it someday? Read it and find out.

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