Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Place Where Blood and Oil Cause Interstellar War

My apologies for posting this so late. But look at the good news: I'm finally on schedule! One post today, and one post tomorrow. Anyways, onto the stories. Today we have "Elsewhere" by Benjamin Rosenbaum, "Metal and Flesh" by Steven R. Stewart, and "Victory" by Lester del Rey. Dig in.

Elsewhere by Benjamin Rosenbaum -- Strange Horizons
This is just a fun little story. It is more of a "wouldn't it be interesting" type of story rather than "this could actually happen" type. It's too hard for me to explain. It's a quick read. You'll see what I mean.

Metal and Flesh by Steven R. Stewart -- Daily Science Fiction
The title of this story really says it all. It begins after an explosion on a ship containing two passengers: one human, one robot. Both are injured, laying on the floor in the human's blood. The human tries to fix the robot while the robot tries to fix him. It is even pointed out in the story that they look like yin and yang. Fun, short story. Give it a read.

Victory by Lester del Rey -- Astounding Science Fiction, August 1955
The last is a story of interstellar politics. Earth has taken over as the predominant power, however, they are beginning to cut down on defense to many of its allies and colonies. This would be the perfect time for Earth's enemies to attack. And that's just what they plan to do. This one is a little longer, but it is quite interesting.

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