Monday, April 4, 2011

The Little Lord's Godfather

(Here's a little thing that I wrote up quickly for today's writing prompt over at Creative Copy Challenge. The words in bold were the words of the day.)

Nightfall had arrived, and the young lord‘s godfather looked out the window. He could barely stand it. The world was a changing place, not fit for his adopted son.

At first he and the young lord had been like strangers after the boy’s parents died, but then they came to know one another much better. The death of the boy’s parents established the foundation of their relationship, for the boy’s father, the prince, was the godfather’s brother. With the death of the prince, he had heard, would come the end of the kingdom. This bothered the godfather.

But somehow he just knew that they would make it work. He continued to look out the window onto his family’s land. His job now was to teach the boy all that he needed to know to rule the throne from the Sand Dunes of Kalamar to the Beaches of Vascadi. It wouldn’t be an easy task. The godfather had never himself gone through the training. How would he ever be able to teach so much to someone else in such little time?

But he didn’t want to think about this now. No, he wanted to sleep tonight, so he let his thoughts disappear as he admired the luminescent ring around the moon. It radiated clearly this cold, crisp night. He let out some vapor with his breath, closed the window, and went to bed. The morning would be the start of a long process.

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