Thursday, April 14, 2011

That Theoretical Motorboat

(Here's a little thing that I wrote up quickly for today's writing prompt over at Creative Copy Challenge. I was feeling a little pensive in case you can't notice. The words in bold were the words of the day.)

Our lives are not merely cartoons. We make mistakes and must live with the consequences. Those mistakes however don't have to be unfortunate. How else would the alabaster colossi have been built in ancient Greece? Or even today to fluctuate a tiny hiding electron? The jeans we now wear are blue only because indigo somehow strengthens the cloth. And how did we find that out? No, we think not of this when we each drive our own theoretical motorboat over the Sea of Knowledge, feeling only the wind in our hair. We had ought to scold ourselves for this. Accidents are wonderful potentially. What is disgusting to some is delicious to others. What about us? Are we just some accident our creating entity has made? I choose to think not. Rather would I choose to believe we are his best creation, found only through serendipity.

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