Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roger's Box, Episode 8

(Catching up on with the prompts over at Creative Copy Challenge. Here's a little bit for last Monday's prompt. Katie learns a little bit more, and things start to get a little messy. Hope you guys enjoy!)

Roger looked away, towards the bar, but it seemed like he was looking behind it, into the great nothingness. "You want to know the strangest thing about my little mechanical box? Every once in a while it would give off a little tweet."
Katie cocked her head. "You mean it has Twitter?"
"No, it tweets. Like a bird. The box whistles. Not mechanical whizzes and whistles, but more like a song of a bird."
Over the speakers, the party host announced to the guests that ice cream was available at the concessions now. Roger and Katie didn't budge. Their conversation was too deep now. Katie wanted to soak in as much knowledge as she could about this little box.
"Ok, so what?" Katie asked. "Your box tweets like a bird. Anything else? I want every minute detail."
"I thought I dropped just about everything possible by now. I've only had it for the last week or so. There isn't much more than that."
"Splendid!" exclaimed Katie, with a smirk on her face.
Roger made a questionable look on his face. "What? Why?"
"If what you say is indeed true, you need to bring the box to a safe place. The first step is somewhere outside of the city."
"Where do you propose we take it?"asked Roger.
"My family used to have a farm just a few miles outside of town. We could keep it in the barn."
"What do you intend to do with it once we have it there?"
"I don't know. Keep it safe. We're walking on a very delicate tightrope right now. If we tell others about your box, they'll either think we're crazy or they'll come after us; however, if we don't tell anyone, then we're stuck with the box. What do you think we're supposed to do?"
Roger gazed beyond Katie, looking for the right words for his reply, but before he could say anything, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. And he shouted, "Katie! Duck!"

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