Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roger's Box, Episode 5

Really late with this one, my apologies. But here's my response to last Thursday's prompt over at Creative Copy Challenge. Hope you all enjoy!

Roger had a difficult time of choosing the right words for telling his story to Katie. He couldn't just pick randomly from the verbal tree. That wouldn't show the verisimilitude of the situation. He had to will himself towards the correct usage in order to present the matter in its true light.
"Katie, I took that pipe, and I swung at the glass door. The alarms went off. Not knowing what to do, I chose the dumbest choice in front of me, i ran into the building. Within minutes a guard dressed like a dominatrix was on my trail."
His audience raised her hand. "No, you're already going too far. Why would there be a guard dressed all in leather there?"
Roger shook his head, raised his hands and shrugged his shoulders, all in the same motion. "I really don't know why, but trust me, I was just as confused except I had no other choice than to keep running, so that's exactly what I did. The fear of seeing her dressed like that would imbue you in much the same manner."
"No. I would have stayed," said Katie.
"Fine, whatever. But really, shall I eviscerate this story of all the important matters for you?"
Katie shook her head.
"Ok, so getting back to the story. I was running from the dominatrix and finally found a place to hide. The leather squeak so loud that I could hear it from my hiding place. It was not a good night for her to wear that outfit. And I remember thinking to myself why she was wearing that in the first place. But that didn't matter. I just kept holding my breath until she left. After the squeaking subdued, I let myself breathe. Only then did I notice where I was standing. I was in a laboratory. Something stirred inside of me to go and investigate the environment. My eye caught a small spy camera that someone must have left behind. I grabbed it in hopes of perhaps, much like a laparoscopic surgeon, to look in things and take a little look around, without causing too much of a mess."
"Why did I ever come out here," Katie muttered under her breath.
"Because you know I'm not crazy. But that's beside the point. Anyways, I looked under some wizened cardboard boxes and sooner or later came upon this engorged metallic egg. The egg looked brand new, but the boxes it was in seemed really old. I couldn't tell if they were only trying to fool people like me by hiding something new in something old or if it really was old. Then I had an epiphany. If this egg really was old, who would really remember it? No one, right? And so I took it and ran back out. The dominatrix was no where to be see." Roger paused and showed a histrionic glint in his eyes. "Now that I think on it, I don't think the dominatrix was a guard at all. How strange is that?"

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