Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roger's Box, Episode 9

(Finally got myself caught up with the prompts over at Creative Copy Challenge. Here's a little bit for this last Thursday's prompt. Things are getting messy and confusing, but I hope to clear up some of that mess in the following episodes. Hope you guys enjoy!)

After dodging the projectile, Katie muttered a few sordid words. She had no idea of where the object came from. But Roger did. The projectile's velocity told him it came from the large balcony above the ballroom. He gazed towards the balcony while Katie reached for the projectile which now stuck out of the floor. She lodged it free and started to study it.
"Why would anyone want to throw a steak knife at me?" she asked.
Roger left her question unanswered. "Katie, we need to go. We need to go now."
"Why? What's going on?"
"They're here. They're going to get me. And they'll stop at nothing to get it back."
Roger had to concretize them for Katie. "Let's just say, not the guys I stole the box from. There's another group out there who knows about the box. And they want it bad."
"How do you know it's them?" Katie asked.
He grabbed the knife from her and held it up for her to see "They usually aren't so miscalculated."
"Well, who do we look for then? Some man in a raincoat?"
"There's no way of finding them. But we have to be on guard. And we have to be safe. For one, don't stand under that." He pointed towards the chandelier in the room which hung like a stalactite in the cavernous ballroom.
As Roger pointed, a creepy laughed bellowed over the balcony, and Katie jumped a little in her own skin. Roger saw this and tried to comfort her.
"Hey, you know as well as I do that it was probably just Henry Cutherton talking about his wife again. You know how he gets when he talks about her. But you need to calm down a little bit. Don't be so bumpy. Then they'll be able to see that you know. And then it won't be just me who they're after."
Katie just glared at him. He could see what she was thinking.'Thanks for telling me. Now my life's on the line, too!' He just hoped she would be up to helping him with the arduous task that was soon to come.

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