Saturday, November 19, 2011

[WoD] Go to Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep these hectic days? You'll be writing so much and trying to live your normal life each and everyday, and that doesn't leave enough time to do much sleeping. So, I'll ask the question again. Are you sure you're getting enough sleep? It doesn't have to be too much, but it should be a little bit more than three to five hours. You had ought to be getting around six to eight hours of sleep each night. I know we have less than two weeks of maddening writing left, but try to get your sleep in, too. You'll be in a much healthier state of mind, and may even have less stress, albeit be able to handle it in a much better way.

So, tonight, if you don't get your 1,667 words in, try to make yourself go to bed at a good times anyways. If you're just a few hundred words off, leave them for tomorrow. You can get them then. But you have to get them. So tonight or tomorrow night, depending on when you read this, make sure you go to bed.

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