Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[WoD] Resist the Urge to Snap

Thanksgiving is almost here, and everything is just starting to get more and more hectic. Contacting relatives and friends to make plans to do this and that. Planning out where and how to travel. If you're hosting, my hat goes off to you. The level of stress that you are balancing must be nearly unbearable. And put the last portion of a novel into that mix and you must be near the breaking point.

All of us are near that point. And that's what I want to talk about today: the breaking point. This is the area you do not want to cross. Anything beyond the breaking point is where you might accidentally start snapping at people. I know. I've been there and slightly beyond. It's a bit of a rush while you are there in the moment, but it scares those who love you and know you the best, and if you snap now, especially around Thanksgiving, they may begin to reconsider inviting you back for Christmas.

Also, at many of these group gatherings with family and friends, there will oftentimes be one of those people who wants to egg you on. Don't let this person push you over the limit. Lifehacker offers this great advice on handling those pesky people. Check it out. It might save your social life.

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