Saturday, October 29, 2011

[WoD] Give Your Little Monsters a Distraction or Two

Here's my final piece of advice for those of you with young kids out there, just in case family quiet hour doesn't work out or you're unable to find someone to babysit for you: give your kids a distraction. Something that can keep them busy and safe for an hour or two.

Try to get them reading. Though this would go more under family quiet time. But if your child is old enough to read on his or her own, go to the library with them and find some good books for them to read. It's fun and educational, although many youngsters certainly won't see it that way.

Let them watch some television or put on a movie. Prime time TV isn't exactly perfect for children, but there are some shows out there. Just do some research and you're sure to find a few. Don't forget that there are plenty to stream from the internet if you have two computers and are able to hook up to your TV. If you can't find any good television for them to watch, a movie a night could be attempted. The only hard part would be lining up enough movies to keep them occupied while you're busy. But it's November and getting closer to December, and the closer to December that we get, always remember that you could start to prep them for Christmas time with the dozens of Yuletide films out there.

As a last resort, you could introduce them to video games. There's plenty of games out there for youngsters and kids of all ages (even adults if you want to play a couple yourself). Just do some research and find a couple of games for them to keep them busy.

There's just about two days now. Keep pumping yourself up. We're almost there!

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