Thursday, October 20, 2011

To Defenestrate a Codex, Pt. 2

I'm kind of late in getting this posted. But here's a continuation of a story with inspiration from Monday's prompt over at Creative Copy Challenge.
The young, loquacious student sat in the chair, reading his studies aloud. His teacher told him to practice on a daily basis, at least for an hour a day. Although he would rather read outside, the student stayed in the library under the advice of the teacher this day. 

Meanwhile, the sedentary, old man labored through the hallway to his solar. The book under his robes. He had to keep it elsewhere for now. Out of the reach of his student for now. "Do you think what you're doing is artistic?" Arne heard the voice of his own instructor from years long now past. "You must me a voracious learner. The weight of the world will one day rest on your shoulders." When he arrived at his room, he twisted the knob and swung the door open. After removing the book from its hiding place under his robes, he stared at it for a moment. It all began with this stupid tome, and it would all end with it as well.

Back in the library, the student pulled a fluorescent marble from his satchel. He held it at an arm's length in front of his face and began to study it. "It's so bright. Perhaps the most rad..." A sudden flash from the tiny sphere interrupted his thought. "...ient thing I have ever seen on the earth." He returned it to his satchel and hoped his teacher would know what it was.

Finding the perfect hiding spot had proved a challenge to the old man. But he found one under a tile under his bed. He stood up and prepared himself to go meet his student. Upon opening the door, though, he could smell food being prepared in the kitchen far down the hallway. "Supper is going to be delicious tonight," he thought, licking his lips and rubbing his rotund belly. In a few short hours he would be able to decapitate the beast called hunger. Until then he would have to continue down the slimy passageway towards the library and vaults.

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