Thursday, October 20, 2011

To Defenestrate a Codex, Pt. 3

Here's part three of a story inspired by the prompts over at Creative Copy Challenge. This part is inspired by Challenge 186. The words in bold are the challenge words.

"I see you're still at your studies," said the old man. A flood of relief had rushed out of him as he discovered his student still in the library.

"Are you happy?" asked the student as he turned around to look at his teacher.

"Why wouldn't I be? You're such a voracious student. Is there any way to reward you?"

"Could we go outside today?" The child often had high hopes of studying out of doors.

Arne shook his head. "I think it would be best to stay in today."

"But it's so sunny out there!" shouted the student, jumping from his seat.

The old man patted his pupil on the head. "And so many distractions, as well. How about I allow you to ask any five questions?"

The child scratched his head for a minute, pondering. "Ok. Why are the skies blue?"

"They're not. It is only an illusion played by the sun. That's question one."

The student turned to the table and flipped through a book. "Why do birds have feathers? Do they allow them to fly?"

"Question two," counted the teacher, shutting the book the child opened. "Feathers are only one of the many mechanisms birds implement for flight."

"Why do deer have horns?" asked the student, touching his thumbs to the sides of his head and extending his fingers.

The old man chuckled at the sight. "Those horns are called antlers, and they have them for their defense. That was question number three."

"Why do animals eat grass and we don't?"

"Because they are animals, and we are not. Stop wasting your questions. That was number four."

"I still have one more question."

"Yes, that you do."

The boy reached into his satchel, pulled out the marble, and asked, "Why does this glow like fire?"

"I don't know specifically, but I can tell you one thing." The ball flashed. "I know it fell from the stars." He sat the boy back into his chair and knelt beside him. "It's my turn for questions now. Where did you find this?"

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