Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[Poetry] Silent Voices

I've been wanting to jump in over at Carry On Tuesday for a while now, and the prompt for today finally got me which was the line "...sitting alone listening to the silence..." from 'A letter to P'ie Ti ' by the 8th century High Tang poet Wang We.It's just a little bit of poetry.

Sitting alone listening to the silence, I hear something.
Not from an external source,
but from within me.
Voices of friends and family.
All of their praises.
And all of their collective disappoint.
I should stop listening to these silent voices.
The pull me to pieces.
To do better and to stop.
I try to hush them,
these voices in the silence,
but they linger.
They wish not to leave.
I let them stay for now.
For now, they are part of me.

1 comment:

  1. They will forever remain part of you, a special part. Love you to drop by - my piece could not be more different!