Friday, October 28, 2011

[WoD] Get Rid of the Kids for a Night

Here's another one for those of you with kids. Maybe the family quiet time isn't working out so much. Those little runts just want to keep playing, but that's the nature of kids. So why not send them away for a night. You could always hire a babysitter for a few hours a week and get your work done then.

Perhaps getting a babysitter might cost too much. So there's another thing you could do. Do you have any other friends with kids who are doing NaNoWriMo? Maybe you could have them watch your kids on one or two nights a week to get a bunch accomplished. But it would only be fair to watch their kids so as to return the favor and help them reach their goals as well.

Kids or not, to all of you out there, happy preparations! We're almost there!

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